RumX Advent Calendar 2022: Announcement

The RumX moderator team has been very energetic the last few weeks and has crafted a successor to last year’s very popular RumX Advent Calendar. With the support of amazing community members, we have compiled an exceptional selection of 24 rums (+ 2 bonus). Very special thanks to our co-organizers @mto75, @Chris, @Adrian and @Jakob - without your fantastic support such a project would never have been possible. You can expect an outstanding selection of rums from different countries and styles. We tried to exceed the very high benchmark of the last calendar - and we are very excited about the final selection! :sunglasses::tumbler_glass:

Due to the high quality and some unicorns, the cost price is 190€ plus shipping. All bottles were collected at self-cost and the complete organization took place without extra charge. So you can guess what you can expect in the calendar. :smirk::raised_hands:t3:

The calendar is again designed as a blind tasting experience. Like last year, we will activate a thread every day in which you can discuss and guess with the community. At 9 p.m. each day, the respective rum will be revealed. So guessing fun is guaranteed! :heart_eyes::tumbler_glass:

Since it was impossible to organize a 2nd bottle for some rums, the number of participants is again strictly limited to 34 members.

Want to secure yourself a calendar? Then join the following thread:

The comment area will be activated punctually next Friday 14.10.2022 at 9 pm CET. Like last time: First come, first served. Pre-reservations are not possible (except for the organizers).

We keep our fingers crossed for all those interested and are already looking forward to a wonderful pre-Christmas season with extraordinary rums! :christmas_tree::star_struck::tumbler_glass:

Your RumX moderator team
@mto75, @Chris @Adrian @Jakob @Oliver


Who participated in the last calendar and is looking forward to the new edition? :heart_eyes::tumbler_glass:


I did not but am still excited for the new edition. But I guess that it will be a big fist fight for the slots :wink:


Set your alarm for 20:55 and be quick. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you! :sunglasses::four_leaf_clover:


Awesome news :heart_eyes::tumbler_glass:


Count me in (if it’s still possible)

Sorry, I haven’t read the whole thing

Count me in!!! :heart_eyes:

Registration starts next Friday at 21 your on this page: RumX Advent Calendar 2022: Order form



Last year was a blast, but I think I have to sit this out, due to my need to limit my expenses.

Have fun, bet I will be envious. :grimacing::wink:


Count me in, please!!!

Thanks to Zucker & Zeste for the shout out in the new article! :heart_eyes::tumbler_glass:


Hallo Patrick,

bitte habe noch etwas Geduld, der Thread zur Kalender-Bestellung wird erst am Freitag, 14.10., 21:00 freigeschaltet. Hier nochmal der Link

lg Michael

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Done :alarm_clock:


Ich weiß nicht ob ich da mitmachen sollte, am Ende ist man wieder enttäuscht weil doch wieder kein Pott Rum drin war :wink:


War letztes Jahr dabei und hoffe das ich dieses Jahr wieder einer der Glücklichen sein werde.

Euch allen schon mal vielen Dank.

Lg Arne


Count me in x2 , please !

EDIT - the promoted link does not work. Or - I am not able to sign in, even it is still not 14.10.

Registration for the calendar starts next Friday at 9pm on this page:



Count in me